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    About Us

    The Davidson Difference

Best-in-Class Hospitality

At Davidson, we believe truly memorable hospitality experiences are thoughtfully crafted and deeply personal — just like our service offerings. We strive to be the best at what we do, rather than merely the biggest, delivering leadership, innovation, and unmatched expertise to our carefully curated portfolio of world-class ownership partners.

Who We Are

A Heritage of Heartfelt Hospitality

Davidson has been delivering best-in-class hospitality service for half a century and counting. What began in 1974 with a roster of small and mid-scale hotels in the southeastern U.S. has grown into an exceptional portfolio that includes some of our industry’s most trusted, celebrated, and sought-after brands.

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What We Do

Driving Growth & Creating Value

Our formula for success is rooted in a bespoke, entrepreneurial management style. We understand that no two properties are alike, so our approach to optimizing financial performance is never one size fits all. Davidson ownership partners enjoy the best of both worlds: the individualized service of a small firm, with the specialized capabilities of a major hospitality player.

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Diversity & Inclusion

What Makes Us Different Makes the Difference

Diversity and inclusion are more than just corporate buzzwords — they’re the heart and soul of our company. At Davidson, we believe that our differences make us a better, stronger, more well-rounded organization, which is why we’re proud to welcome team members from all walks of life.

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Business Values

Values That Add Value

When it comes to driving performance and delivering one-of-a-kind guest experiences, our values are the blueprint for enduring success.

  • Be passionate about what you do, serve others with love
  • Always do what’s right
  • Create value in all that you do
  • Have each other’s backs
  • Be inclusive — we’re stronger together
  • Stay hungry, stay humble
  • Greatness requires risk
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Smart Business

Committed to Our Community

As a company and as individuals, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we call home. We take an active, meaningful role in uplifting those around us — it’s just who we are.

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