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Buzzworthy Social Strategy

Davidson’s in-house social media agency, SocialLite lets our hotels take advantage of full-service industry expertise — without the substantial cost of a typical third-party agency.

A team of passionate, strategic creators, we’re focused on generating thoughtful, engaging content that moves the needle in meaningful ways.

Social Storytellers

Cross-Channel Creativity

SocialLite offers Davidson partners a comprehensive strategy for social media success — from planning, development, and content creation, to influencer relations, community engagement, and beyond. With a finger on the pulse of online trends, our team develops compelling, timely, and distinctive content that builds brand credibility and drives unparalleled performance.

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Social Media Management

Connect, Elevate, and Engage

Savvy social media specialists, the SocialLite team knows how to harness the power of digital platforms to generate brand awareness, bolster credibility, and create lasting connections. Our approach is ROI-focused and always strategic, from personalized planning and development to precision-targeted influencer partnerships and brand-informed community engagement — underpinned by industry-leading analytics and Davidson’s core commitment to create value in everything we do.

Content Creation

Make Every Post Count

Our team knows a thing or two about crafting eye-catching content that embodies a brand identity and cuts through the noise. We’re talking aesthetic imagery, sparkling copy, and seamlessly produced short-form video. An experienced team of strategic creators, we focus squarely on elevating content quality while fine-tuning feed relevance, so that our partners shine in their best possible light through every post, story, and engagement.

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