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Smart Business

Serving Our Partners, People & Planet

Strong community bonds elevate exceptional hospitality from profit-focused to people-first.

At Davidson Hospitality Group, we actively build, strengthen, and support our communities through outreach and volunteer opportunities, both as a company and as individuals. It goes to the core of who we are as a company — a vital part of how we live our values to do what’s right and serve others with love.

Create Value

Sustain Responsible Operations

Davidson is committed to identifying areas within our portfolio to save, reuse, and conserve, from reducing our reliance on single-use items to taking action in the fight against food waste. We’re constantly optimizing our operations with sustainability in mind, adopting proactive initiatives like our Green Beverage Program and Bulk Amenities Program. It’s all part of our company-wide commitment to fostering greener, healthier, more sustainable environments within our hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

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Be Inclusive

Fortify, Celebrate and Elevate Team Members

From the front desk to the C Suite, Davidson team members at every level are encouraged to collaborate and shape our path forward. We strive to create a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment for colleagues from all walks of life through initiatives like WILD: Women in Leadership at Davidson, an employee resource group offering professional mentorship to women on our corporate team. And when unexpected hardship strikes, we pride ourselves on being there for each other through the Davidson We Care Fund, providing support when it matters most for 13 years and counting.

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Do What’s Right

Embrace the Communities Where We Live and Do Business

The hotels we manage are beacons for our communities — and when our communities thrive, so do we. It’s part of why we’re so passionate about giving back: fundraising, organizing park and beach clean-ups, sponsoring local schools, and brightening the holiday season with gift drives. Plus, for 30 years and counting, Davidson has been honored to support the Give Kids the World Village, providing critically ill children and their families with cost-free dream vacations — and the opportunity to create treasured new memories together.

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DEI at Davidson

Diversity & Inclusion Council

Made up of talented professionals from all walks of life, our Diversity & Inclusion Council is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming company culture, from recruitment and training to community outreach and engagement.

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