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  • An aerial view of the beach as seen from the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort hotel. In the foreground you can see two large pools.
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A Day in the Life of Eduardo Fernandez

Jan 29, 2024

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

7:30 am: My day kicks off with attending a Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce breakfast. It’s not just any ordinary breakfast – it’s the launch of Leadership Hollywood class 47. Being a dedicated Board of Directors and Executive Committee member, I understand the importance of supporting the local chamber, the community, and the thriving local businesses. This is where connections are made, visions are shared, and leadership is born. With two of our managers participating in the 10-month program, it’s a proud moment for the resort.

9:30 am: Back at the office, I dive headfirst into the daily grind. I check the previous day’s stats and other relevant reports, handle any guest issues that require my attention, and tackle the day’s agenda. I’m ready to rock and roll.

10:30 am: I firmly believe that management by walking around and engaging with the team is the key to success, ensuring communication flows both ways. I often remind my team that, “Everything communicates,” and we must provide clear information internally as well as to our guests through every touch point.

Noon: I take a well-deserved break and head to License to Chow, our team member cafeteria. It’s more than just a lunch break; it’s a chance to interact with staff, connect with the team, and verify the food quality we provide. I enjoy lunch with different team members to keep a finger on the pulse of the resort.

12:30 pm: After lunch, I visit the dining outlets. My keen attention to detail is focused on scoping out operations and cleanliness, ensuring our guests enjoy their dining experience in paradise.

1 pm to 2:30 pm: Time to get on our monthly P&L call with our asset manager via TEAMS. September proved to be a challenge due to low occupancy, but our team managed payroll and expenses like pros, surpassing the GOP forecast. I take a moment to appreciate the team’s hard work, infusing confidence into ownership. It’s a testament to our strong processes for managing through tough times.3 pm: I’m back on the move, with a detailed stroll through the resort, this time with a focus on the great outdoors. I stop by the Flowrider to check in with the Flow Guard, recreation staff at the pools and beachside dining outlets. I enjoy engaging with the front-line staff to get valuable feedback on the day’s progress. Working in paradise truly has its perks.

4 pm: Back at my desk, I dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of finalizing the budget with the Executive Committee team. Final changes are due by the next day, and I’m also working on the presentation deck. Life as a GM is anything but dull!

5 pm: I do one more quick check of the restaurants to ensure they are ready for dinner service. I take a moment to chat with staff and leadership, sprinkling a little laughter into the mix

6 pm: As the day draws to a close, it’s time for me to wrap things up and join my family for a musical blast from the past – a concert featuring the legendary Depeche Mode. Because even rock stars need a night out!