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Recap: Davidson Attends National Society of Minorities in Hospitality 2023 Conference

Dec 01, 2023

Ron Stevenson

Senior Director of Integrated Marketing, Davidson Hospitality Group

Representing Davidson Hospitality Group, we felt this year’s National Society for Minorities in Hospitality at Cornell University was an outstanding opportunity to exchange information and advance awareness about our brand with students. Our purpose was to introduce and promote awareness of Davidson Hospitality Group as an outstanding opportunity for minority students looking to enter the hospitality industry. Many students are aware of the usual hospitality employers Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt etc. But many students are not aware of the role of third party hospitality management companies.

Headshot of Ron-Stevenson - Davidson Hotels

This year’s events took place at Cornell University School of Hospitality in Ithaca, New York in early November. As a platinum sponsor we were given the opportunity to organize an industry partner breakout session with students allowing them to interact with Davidson presenters on the roles within third-party management companies. We are also grateful to the NSMH for allowing to secure a front row position at the career fair which took place the following day and allowed us additional interaction with almost every student in attendance. For students who signed up in advance we were given the opportunity to conduct one on one interviews at predetermined times and interview rooms.

After participating in 2022 at the national conference in Orlando, we determined this could be an outstanding source of hospitality talent. With this in mind we were delighted to return and participate in this year’s conference as platinum sponsors. Students were engaged and amazed at the opportunities third party management companies provide across hotel brands, independent operators and ever changing locations. We look forward to connecting with students that shared their contact information and determining if we can assist or guide their initiation into hospitality management.