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Women’s History Month 2022

Mar 01, 2021

What are you most proud of when looking back on your career? I’m most proud when I look back on my career that I was able grow professionally in a field that I love and raise a family along the way. A lot of times women are faced with choosing one or the other and I’m fortunate not to have to had to make a choice. We talk a lot about finding balance in our lives between personal and professional responsibilities and looking back on almost 30 years in the industry I feel I made the right choices and don’t regret any of it. My husband and I have raised two kind, intelligent, well rounded young men and they’ve seen me not only as their mom, but as being a strong woman role model along the way.

What are some milestone accomplishments you have achieved during your tenure at Davidson? How do you continue to create value? One milestone accomplishment I achieved during my tenure at Davidson that I’m proud of is successfully transitioning the Accounting function for Davidson and bringing it into a new era. Creating efficiencies and processes that helped create our main objective in producing accurate and timely financials for all our owners and stakeholders. I was able to bring together a team that fully embraced several of our core values even before we knew they would become core values. My team is a group of passionate individuals who deeply care about what they do and serve others with love and always has each other’s back. I feel like I continue to create valve by building my team to be the best they can be as they grow professionally and, also, finding and hiring the right people who can continue to carry on Davidson Hospitality’s strong culture,

Can you please share 1-2 examples of how you’ve exemplified one of our core values, “Greatness Requires Risk?” I believe there’s always risk in trying something new or changing things up. I believe the greatest risk is to get complacent in what you do and how you work. We’re on version 4.0 of our Accounting structure since I’ve joined Davidson and each time we’ve realigned or made changes to our processes there’s always risk in it failing, but unless you give it a try you’ll never know. Early on in Version 2.0 we realized it wasn’t working the way it was planned out to be so we readjusted and went on to the next version. Don’t be afraid to fail.