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A Day in the Life of Hugh Hedin

Mar 22, 2024

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A Day in the Life of Hugh Hedin, General Manager at Hotel Emery

At 6:48 AM every day, I receive an auto-generated snapshot of the previous day’s food and beverage financials. This is typically the first email I read while eating breakfast. At Emery, staying informed about our F&B operation is paramount, and this report sets the tone for the day ahead. Yesterday’s report put a smile on my face– it was indeed a stellar night in Giulia, our flagship restaurant!

Shortly after my quick, 12-minute drive to the hotel, I embarked on my first of several daily property walks. This ritual is more than just a routine for me– it is a chance to connect with my team, assess our operations firsthand, and ensure that every corner of the hotel reflects our commitment to excellence. From the lobby to the meeting space to the F&B outlets, I scanned the building to ensure our cleanliness, ambiance, and music level standards are all in place. As usual, our coffee shop was already bustling with locals!

Then, before the day officially kicked off, I secluded myself in my office for about 30 minutes to conduct some of the important financial and administrative functions of my job. Reviewing the daily revenue and pickup reports, checking the forecast, and analyzing labor trends have always been important to me, and they oftentimes shape the trajectory for the day ahead.

At around 8:55AM, leaders from across the property started congregating in my office for our daily Stand-Up Meeting– a fundamental morning discussion with representatives from each department to share operational insights, align priorities, and discuss our guest service scores.

As Thursday was the last day of the month, it was then time to celebrate our amazing team of hospitality professionals. As the Steering Team convened to vote for the “Front of House” and “Heart of House” employees of the month, I knew we would have a robust discussion about who was most qualified to win the awards. Recognizing and rewarding excellence is at the heart of our culture, and we walked away from this monthly discussion feeling great about our selections: (1) a Giulia server who stepped up in a big way during some change in F&B leadership, and (2) a steward who has redefined what it means to be proactive in the kitchen.

Lunchtime brought a change of scenery as the property’s Steering Team and Sales Team gathered for the Meet Minneapolis Annual Meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center, which is just a short walk from the hotel. As usual, it was fun for our team to network with other business leaders, to gather in support of our local community, and to gain new insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Minneapolis’s tourism and hospitality industry. Emery’s sponsorship of a table for 10 people underscored our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change. Things are looking up in our city!


Directly after returning to the property, I convened with our Marketing Manager and Director of Sales to explore an opportunity to host a dining scene in Giulia for a popular TV show. Then, I connected for a few minutes with our Director of Finance regarding the forecast before chatting with our Director of Engineering about the need to replace a water heater.

As the afternoon unfolded, I transitioned into our Weekly Staff Meeting, gathering all leaders on property to discuss company initiatives, departmental updates, and upcoming projects. We opened the meeting with our “personal bests” and our “professional bests” from the week prior, then covered a range of topics including the hotel’s Brand Standard Audit (Marriott) that took place earlier in the week (we passed!).  Our staff meetings are always fun and are more than just a forum for disseminating information. They are really a platform for fostering camaraderie, sharing best practices, and aligning our efforts to achieve our collective goals.

As the clock struck 4PM, it was my turn to host “Banker’s Hour” – a nightly reception celebrating local craft beer and providing an opportunity for guests to mingle with our leadership team. Then, as the restaurant started getting busy again, I spent some time with our F&B and culinary team, including our new Director of Food & Beverage. Touching base with the team and checking out the banquet setup for a 250-person retirement party in the lobby marked a nice end to the day’s activities.


Finally, I went on another short property walk, said goodbye to the front office and valet teams, and left the property. I knew Friday would be another action-packed day at Emery.