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At The Table with Davidson Marketing

Mar 31, 2024

At The Table with Davidson Marketing

Various team members from the Davidson corporate marketing team recently gathered at Patricia Davis’s house in Atlanta to eat, drink and catch-up. Participants included:

  • Ashley Morse, Director, Integrated Marketing
  • Caitlin James, Social Media Manager
  • Callie Handte, Creative Services Manager
  • Carrie Drost, Vice President, Communications & Social Media
  • Maddie Henchal, Social Media Manager
  • Molly Thompson, Social Media Manager
  • Patricia Davis (PD), Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications
  • Ron Stevenson, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing

Here, We Reflect on the Special Evening:

PD: Growing up, sitting down to a family dinner was not something that I ever looked forward to. I knew that mushy canned peas awaited me as did my father’s glare as I spent a good five minutes arranging the food on my plate so that nothing touched. It was stressful. I could never have imagined then that the dinner table would be a place where I formed and fortified so many important relationships in my life.

This night, I invited our SocialLite team and our Atlanta-based marketing team members to my home for a tajine. Up to this point, Carrie had been poking bit of fun at me and my mystical tajine because I talk about it so much, so I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to expose my dinner guests to my much-loved pot and all its wonders.

Carrie: It’s true. PD and I have been talking about producing an iteration of “At The Table With Davidson Marketing…” for more than a year now, and we simply couldn’t have asked for a better evening. I am regularly fascinated to learn about all of Patricia’s kitchen contraptions, and the tajine in particular had previously been a topic of many of our conversations. I was delighted to be able to witness the magic firsthand! In a post-COVID world, there is an intangible comfort and fulfillment that comes with gathering in person with people you care about after being apart for so long.

For those of us who work remotely, it’s always a genuine treat to come together, hug, laugh, imbibe, and indulge. SocialLite team, wasn’t it great to be all together?

Molly: Yes! It was so nice to have the marketing team together for dinner and having it in someone’s home made the experience feel even more intimate. It brought a level of trust to the gathering as well as breaking down the sense of a hierarchy at work. Now, we are all simply people who enjoy a glass of wine after work, think dogs are cute and are looking forward to a home-cooked meal. Gathering around a meal, especially one prepared together and served family style, as was ours this night, creates an energy that infuses the participants in the most special way.

Caitlin: Agreed. These moments not only strengthened professional bonds but also helped to get to know each other on a more personal level and create friendships within the team. Personally, dining with friends and coworkers is always something I enjoy because it helps us connect on a deeper level and share laughter and stories that we would not otherwise have time to share.

Maddie: I loved being able to share stories and gather with my co-workers under one roof. Gathering is special to me because it gives joy and happiness to a daily function. It turns eating for nutrition into an experience. My favorite experiences are getting to break out of my comfort zone and trying new things that I may not cook by myself. Ashley, what did you love about it?

Ashley: It was great to be able to catch up with everyone and get to know them on a more personal level. Being able to gather and dine with friends and family is always special because it gives you time to slow down and really focus on the conversations at hand. When you’re gathered around the kitchen or at the dinner table it’s a much more intimate experience and allows you to bond on a deeper level. Ron, as a hospitalitarian, what does “breaking bread” mean to you?

Ron: It allows you to get to know everyone, what are their likes, quirks and potentially a nugget that has never been shared, a birthday or favorite pastime. Also breaking bread or meeting someone outside of the normal business setting breaks down or eases formalities that you would normally observe in a business setting. Breaking bread most times is the beginning of friendships or memories. In business, breaking bread tends to reduce barriers. Breaking bread with team members reduces the hesitation to ask for a favor or in some cases to go an extra mile in return because you feel they would do the same for you. In sales, most people think that taking clients to dinner is one of the glamorous activities of sales. The reality is that in sales “breaking bread” with clients breaks down barriers, fosters friendship and makes it easier to ask for the business because ultimately, you’re taught that “you do business with your friends” in this case it fosters team building.



Molly: To prep and share a meal among friends provides an insight into everyone’s lives as it naturally lowers defenses and sparks conversation. It’s an opportunity to learn about people’s interests and preferences. Who’s not afraid to volunteer to cut the raw chicken? Who already knew you’re supposed to wash the chicken beforehand…and who didn’t? Especially as hospitality professionals, we tend to remember these details. Maddie, you were quite the helper in the kitchen!

Maddie: Many hands make light work! With all of us chopping and preparing ingredients, we were able to mise en place very fast!

Callie: While waiting for the dish to cook, it was fun to gather around Patricia’s comfy living room to snack on hummus, sip on wine, and exchange a healthy dose of industry gossip ? PD’s adorable pup, Henry, found his way into my lap several times much to my delight.

Carrie: Henry! We’ve established him as our unofficial official fur mascot. He’s just the cutest!

  • Girl preparing green beans for a meal


PD: As we began passing dishes around, I stood, gathered the plates of those furthest away, and served them from the tajine while my dog, who clearly thinks he is a human, took his place on the back of Carrie’s chair while she dined. Above the mismatched placemats and the, shall we say, *cozy* seating arrangement, the hum of the chatter around the table infected everyone and before my eyes, quiet people became storytellers and storytellers became listeners and the little troubles of the day seemed to evaporate. It was splendid and I am so thankful for that time together. To me, sitting down to dinner at home with loved ones is one of the great joys of daily life and one of the reasons I love to entertain at home. It’s wonderful to be among friends and to take care of them. I feel so lucky to be in a business where we get to take care of people every day.

Callie: We are the lucky ones! We were treated to a mouthwatering array of coconut rice, juicy tomatoes, burrata salad, and of course, wine. It dawned on me that this seemingly casual night together was actually very heartwarming, and a genuine example of hospitality in action. Some of my most cherished memories with my loved ones are centered around a dining table, whether at a restaurant or home. Preparing a dish together is perhaps one of the most timeless displays of love. And as long as there’s red wine involved; I look forward to many more Davidson dinners!


A tagine sitting on a kitchen stove
PD: If you don’t have a tajine, I recommend it! It’s almost impossible to do wrong and you’re assured a flavorful dinner through the power of steam and the mystical conical design of the pot!

Molly: I enjoyed learning about the tajine…for most of the time, I’d assumed people were discussing Tajin powder, so you can imagine my surprise when I finally figured it out. I thought I’d seen every cooking vessel under the sun, but apparently not!

Ron: I used love cooking dishes in a wok with seasonings and sauces. I may have to experiment with PD’s Tajine technique and try some spices and sauces.

We can’t wait for the next one!

  • Revealing a hot, cooked meal at a dinner table in a tajine