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Asian American Heritage Month 2022: Thai Traditions and Celebrations

May 01, 2022

Jintana Souvannavongsa

Sales Manager
Hotel Viking

I love sharing my culture and I think that diversity is so important. One of my first initiatives as Miss Rhode Island was to create a clothing drive for DORCAS International which helps refugees that have just come to the country. Coming from two parents that were both refugees to this country this was very important to me.

One Tradition that we have is when we say hello to someone we put our hands together and slightly bow and say hello.

Nattaporn Khonghana, Wannida Thongsripleng and Montatip Putawed

The Park Vista

Sonkran Day: April 13 – 15

Songkran is the Thai New Year National Holiday. Our families celebrate this holiday annually by gathering together with our relatives and then going to the temple to pray and make merit together. We then go to a special dinner and typically have “Mu Kratha” (Thai BBQ). April’s weather is very hot in Thailand so we follow dinner with a special activity……..a water fight! We use buckets and water guns to spray/wet each other. This is a great tradition for everyone in our family. Our families come together at this time very much like the Christmas holiday in the USA.

Sirikwan Sae-tae

Housekeeping Supervisor

Has anyone never heard of PAD THAI? Have you tried the dish?

Now, we are going to learn the history of Pad Thai.

Pad Thais that you have tried and seen in Thai restaurants are different from authentic one.

Authentic Pad Thai doesn’t have any chicken, beef or pork in it.

Pad Thai was invented around WW2. The prime minister at that time, tried to get people to eat less rice and eat more noodles. He wanted to decrease rice consumption within Thailand because everything was so expensive including all meats. In Thai households normally have some eggs, lime, shallots, dried preserved food such as dried small shrimps, preserved radish, tamarind, fish sauce and sugar. Those are basic ingredients that most households have and very easy to find. Diced tofu was added for protein and crushed peanut was added for texture, bean sprouts and chives were added for veggies. With all those ingredients, how “Pad Thai” was born.

Basically, Pad Thai was created from the poor time of Thailand but yet most popular and famous now a day.

When I was young, I and my friend always walked to open farmer market together. Almost every time, My friend always ordered Pad Thai. I was wonder why?! At that time, I did not even eat Pad Thai because I did not like the veggie and tofu in it. I actually started eating Pad Thai 5 years ago!! And It made me realized what I have missed for almost 30 years!! The secret of eating this dish is, make it a little bit spicy and put lime juice in it!! And now, I have no wonder why my friend and people around the world love “Pad Thai” so much!!