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Davidson Marketing Week 2023

Apr 21, 2023

Davidson Restaurant Group and Sourcing wanted to create an event that encouraged collaboration, education, and innovation for our Chefs.

We are planning to product more of these types of events in 2023 in order to encourage our teams to take advantage of our partners and programs.

For this recent workshop with Cuisine Solutions, the global sous vide experts, we invited a number of Chefs from properties that have large banquet space, since the product can assist with menu innovation and improve labor needs. Chefs were able to work with Cuisine Solutions R&D and Culinary Chef teams to learn more about the products, process, and potential benefits for their properties.

Chef participants included:

Chef Andres Bustamante – Corporate Chef

Chef Tim Graham – Corporate Chef

Chef Ron Paredes – Exec Sous Chef – Grand Hotel Mackinac

Chef Evan Davis – Exec Chef – Marriott Little Rock

Chef Alex Reyes – Exec Chef – The Don CeSar

Chef Phillip Jackson – Exec Chef – Newport Harbor Island Resort

Chef Glen Urso – Exec Chef – Westin Indianapolis

Chef Brian Hatfield – Exec Chef – Thompson DC

We can’t wait for the next event!


Take a peek at the final dishes below:

  • Food dish