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The Davidson Difference – Garron Gore

Dec 16, 2020

You know that moment when you’re sitting a restaurant or bar and that drink you have is perfectly made, the food is spot on, and the atmosphere is immersive to the point of forgetting about your day? Where that restaurant becomes your new favorite, the playlist is so on point you want to download it, and you start thinking of ways to get back to experience it all again. That’s what Davidson Restaurant Group strives to create everyday with our award-winning concepts.

How do we actually do that? It’s no easy feat and takes years of experience and knowledge from a core group of artists in the F&B world. We just so happen to have eight of them on our team. Below are just a small few points that makes us different than the rest…

Davidson Restaurant Group starts by listening to our partners wants and desires for their restaurant, bar, market, or rooftop. What do they want to accomplish and how we can get them there. Then we layer in extensive market research. We also focus on locals to drive our restaurants, and we build to suit an experience that they want to come back to. This in turns drives hotel guests to naturally want to try what the people who live in that city, resort area, or beach town, want to go to on a weekly basis.

Then comes our narrative and inspiration. What is the true story we are trying to tell? This becomes our guiding light through the project. From the food to the drinks and everything in between, we are storytellers in a way, there to take you on a culinary journey. Food has become more than survival and in turn now makes connections to memories, emotions, and feelings. We feed on that and push forward for our restaurant and bars to perform to this level every day.

The last secret I will share is something that is often overlooked, and that is the details. With Davidson restaurant Group you get a partner to work with you and for you. A talented group of individuals that work closely with Interior Designers and Architects to make sure you concept is not only where it needs to be but also that it is operationally sound. We have a strong guiding hand in designing kitchens, bars, floor plan layouts, finishes, flow, lighting and sound. We build strong brands with industry experts and know what it takes to look ahead to the future while doing more than just checking the boxes of the most current food & drink trends.

DRG is there for our guests, partners, and amazingly talented staff and are always looking forward to the next challenge. Whether, it be something needed to re-concept an existing space or a project that will take two years to develop, we are ready and willing to use our best ingredients to make something truly unique.