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The Davidson Difference: Pivot Celebrates 6th Anniversary – Rick Colangalo

Jan 26, 2022

Six years ago, Davidson had a forward-thinking vision to address the need for a strong non-branded independent operator to bring value to owners in the lifestyle space. True to its company core values, Davidson followed the path of “Greatness Requires Risk!” Fast forward to present day, through thoughtful leadership and innovation, Pivot has grown into the leading lifestyle operator in the business. The beauty of being part of a larger company like Davidson is that we get to use the backbone, back-of-house, highly efficient systems while we, as lifestyle operators, get to breathe the life of an energetic, relevant lifestyle hotel to the guest experience. Our hotels are experiential in nature, which we empower our team members to deliver on a daily basis as we embrace a culture of entrepreneurship.

Over the last six years, we have built a best-in-class operating structure, mastering the ability to pivot as needed for owners. We cultivate creative programming and activations unique to each locale. We are lucky to partner with a first-class F&B team via Davidson Restaurant Group, responsible for launching innovative beverage programs. The key to a successful lifestyle hotel is to transform every space within the property into an experiential area. Design is also an important element of our Pivot portfolio and we partner with best-in-class designers in order to bring our hotels to life.

Pivot could not have grown so successfully without our exceptional talent – hospitalitarians with heart. We are fortunate to have high caliber corporate leaders and GMs from the best lifestyle brands in the world, including Thompson, JdV, Virgin, Kimpton, Proper, Morgans, Ace Hotels, Freehand, the list goes on!

In the years ahead, Pivot will continue to grow opportunistically and offer our owners the highest level of lifestyle talent and operational excellence. With new leadership at the helm, we see great strength going into the future and we feel more confident than ever in our foundation. Cheers to the next six years of adding value to our owners while providing the ultimate in lifestyle experience and championing our team members to embrace the culture of community and vibrance of our hotels. Stay hungry, stay humble!