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Traditions: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Sep 13, 2023

Daryl C.

Baker’s Cay Resort
Staff Accountant

Our most memorable tradition is celebrating Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). I remember this being the biggest party of the year where everyone in the neighborhood would get together to celebrate life. Our main dish is the famous Cerdo Asado, which is a roasted pig. Our family would put the pig in La Caja China, which was a slow cooking box where the pig would cook all day… The day was filled with games and activities for the kids and adults. While the night, was for dancing and eating! These celebrations would bring families and friends together in a way that very few things can. We are proud to be able to still celebrate those traditions while also creating new ones.

Mayda B.

Reservations Group Coordinator
Wyndham Orlando Resort

Hispanic Heritage Month means that I am proud of my family and where I come from. During this time, my family gets together and play dominoes and just enjoy our Puerto Rican culture like food and music. One of my favorites is this delicious easy Puerto Rican flancocho recipe (flan cake) is a combination of cake and flan baked together until flancocho perfection. The flan is made with cream cheese, condensed and evaporated milk which makes it creamy and rich with the perfect smooth texture. Flancocoho is also referred to as leche cake flan or the impossible cake. These super moist hybrids cakes can be found at almost any Spanish bakery.

Maria C.

Security Guard
Sheraton Philadelphia University City

Being Hispanic means a lot to me. During Hispanic Heritage Month in September, there is a wonderful festival every Saturday and Sunday in Penns Landing, which is a place in Philadelphia by the waterfront. We get to indulge in amazing foods such as arroz con gandules y pernil which is roasted pork with a side of rice. There is free music and bands that play throughout the day and it’s a great way that my family and friends can celebrate our culture together. On the last Sunday in September, is the Puerto Rican day parade. This will be the 52nd year that Philadelphia has this amazing parade. We get to see awesome floats, enjoy music, food and get to see Miss Puerto Rico, who will be running in the Miss Universe pageant.

Ulises R.

Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach

I like the month of September because of the celebration that ensues in Mexico, because of our independence being Mexican born, the bright colors and the variety of delicious foods remind me of home. Videos of the fairs and festivals in Mexico are my favorite to show my daughter so she can see her culture in action, I’m proud to have Mexican heritage. Viva Mexico!