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On The Road With Chef Todd Stein

Jun 05, 2022

Chef Todd Stein

Corporate Executive Chef
Davidson Restaurant Group
This trip was a bit out of the ordinary, but truly an exciting way to spend a few days in Boston. Paperback Tavern one of Davidson Restaurant Groups’ newest restaurants has recently opened. I was going to oversee a photo shoot of food and beverage. Landing in Boston is always a treat, as you have about 3/4 of a mile to walk between plane and where a ride service can pick you up. From there I arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge. I have been here 4 out of the last 5 weeks, so it truly feels like home, as Sherrone at the front desk is once again checking me in.

This photo shoot is truly about Chef Janice Sandoval and the food she is creating. Paperback Tavern is a great representation of a modern American tavern, in which we like to have a little fun. There are tasty things, like lobster deviled eggs, and tater tots with cumin-truffle cream. We were very lucky to have Andrew Lee shooting the photos. He has done photography for The Wayward at the Canopy hotel in Philadelphia, among other projects for us. He is extremely talented and really captures the scene well. In addition, he has done photography for several best-selling cookbooks!

As we were shooting you can see us having a little moment of fun with his assistant and a plate of wings! What most people don’t understand is the time commitment to a food and drink photoshoot, its truly an all-day experience. Then the true work begins as the team needs to get ready for their actual dinner service. What is unique about this trip for me is it is truly a step back out of the normal visits I have. I get to be even more behind the scenes making sure the food looks as it does in front of a guest as well as making it look perfect to shoot photos of for a bit of time. Most importantly these photos which are used for social media, print, etc. must look so good as though it makes the reader want to go and experience the restaurant and leave satisfied. As I always like to say, we eat with our eyes, and this is truly the way to do so! Guidance and support is what I truly do on a daily basis, and it was so much fun to help with this for the Hotel!